February 14, 2014

Battlefield 4: Naval Strike DLC to bring back Titan mode

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Titan Mode

The upcoming Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC will bring 4 new multiplayer maps, new weapons, gadgets, and vehicles along with the fanfavorite game mode Titan from Battlefield 2142.
Battlefield 4™ Naval Strike takes the intense and dramatic water-based combat introduced in Battlefield 4 to four all-new maps set in the South China Sea. Blow open a crashed passenger plane and capture fishing villages across the tropical Lost Islands. Drop a submarine on your foes as you infiltrate a naval base or rush between shipping docks and rocky islands on the massive Wave Breaker map. Wage war across stormy seas in the largest ocean stretch in a Battlefield map yet with Nansha Strike. Storm an abandoned cliff-side resort, or get lost in the breathtaking vistas in Operation Mortar. 
Naval Strike also introduces five new weapons, the amphibious hovercraft vehicle, ten assignments and the all-new Carrier Assault mode, which is an homage to the fan-favorite, Titan mode from Battlefield 2142.


4 all-new multiplayer maps set in the South China Sea
Lost Islands
Nansha Strike
Wave Breaker
Operation Mortar
5 weapons all-new to Battlefield 4
Introducing the amphibious hovercraft vehicle
2 additional gadgets
3GL (3 grenade launcher) attachment for the Assault class
Anti-Heli Mine; an aircraft disabling projectile for the Engineer class

Carrier Assault game mode which is a re-imagining of the classic Battlefield 2142 Titan Mode
10 new assignments with unlocks for each

Want early access? The premium membership gets you every expansion pack two weeks early.


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