March 23, 2012

Attending PAX East 2012

Hello All,

I would like to inform all of my readers and viewers that I will be attending PAX East this year. I plan on updating the site with photos, videos, and impressions during and following PAX (Easter weekend). If you too are going, look for a tall guy wearing an All Things Gaming t-shirt. Feel free to say hello!

Small Section of Last Year's Pax
Sneak peek on what is coming:

HAWKEN PAX East 2012 Party - Invitation Only
I got in the Hawken invite only party so be sure to check out exclusive photos, impressions and hopefully an interview.

Game Impressions and Interviews
As always, PAX East is full of the hottest indie, arcade, and big budget releases. I'll do my best on trying to play them all and getting pictures, videos, impressions, and possibly small interviews to you.

Last year I came home with so much swag I didn't know what to do with it! This year I plan on coming back with even more and passing it along to you. I'll try to get things signed, little knick-knacks and toys, along with anything I can get my hands on. Check back following PAX when I figure out how I am going to distribute everything.

Obviously, I can't say exactly what games I'll be covering as it will remain a mystery until I walk through that door. I'll post about every game I see and go in depth about the games you're interested in.

PAX East is always a blast and I hope to see you there.


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