September 28, 2012

Attention Gamer: New Quest Available


Save The Children | Difficulty: Normal


Help raise All Things Gaming's EXP bar to 2000!
(You do see that bar over to the right, correct? Thought so. That is your EXP bar.)
Lets earn Boston Children's Hospital a Level Up!
(Boston Children's Hospital is at max level of 99. But they are lacking some loot. I turn EXP into loot. Recycling. Its good for the environment and for health.)


[ ] Challenge Jon to a gaming related challenge to be completed during the live stream. (That's right. Live stream. Where will it be at? Some live streaming service. I'll let you know. 24 hours of Jon. Sexy, sexy Jon. Maybe I'll tell a joke or offer you some life advice.)
[ ] +5 Self-Worth
[ ] +5 Personal Happiness
[ ] +5 Lady-Killer Skills (Trust me, the ladies love a Philanthropist. You didn't expect that word now did you. Use it with the ladies. Trust me.)
[ ] The Knowledge of Helping Save a Life


Let's raise some money guys!


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