September 25, 2012

New Super Mario Bros. 2 – How Hard Can It Really Be To Collect One Million Coins?

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One of the most talked about features of the recently launched New Super Mario Bros 2. game, which is being snapped up in huge numbers at the moment as part of Nintendo 3DS bundles, is Coin Rush, the brand new and highly unique challenge mode.

The aim of the Coin Rush mode on the New Super Mario Bros 2 game is to help you collect extra coins to put towards your grand total. In this mode, you get one chance with just one Mario to complete three stages. Needless to say, the aim is to scoop as many of those shiny and infuriatingly tempting gold coins as you can manage. If you make a mistake during any of your Coin Rush stages, we’re afraid it’s straight back to the beginning for you.

The coins you collect in Coin Rush mode can help you towards a grand total of one million coins, which is the ultimate aim of the game. The game makers have even hinted that something extra special may happen to players who manage to hit that golden number.

Newcomers to Super Mario Bros may scoff; after all, how tough can it really be to score one million coins? All it takes is a little practice, surely? However, hardcore Mario Bros games fans who have spent hours and hours on solid gameplay will tell you that one million coins is no easy feat to achieve.

Luckily, the Nintendo website has come to the rescue. If you visit the New Super Mario Bros 2. mini-site, you’ll find tons of tips for collecting tons of coins. Some are quite basic, whilst others are tricks that even dedicated Super Mario Bros fans may be pleased to learn.


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