July 26, 2012

DUST 514 Beta Keys From Me To You

Hello Everyone,

Same deal here as with the Little Big Planet Karting Beta keys, except I only have two to give away. If you are interested, act fast! The two PSN codes are after the break.

July 22, 2012

LittleBigPlanet Karting Beta Keys From Me To You

Hello Everyone,

littlebigplanet karting beta key giveaway

I have FIVE LittleBigPlanet Beta Keys to give away! No fancy ways to enter, just be the first one to enter the code on your PS3 and its yours. The five codes are after the break.

July 19, 2012

Battlefield 3 "Armored Kill" Reveal Trailer

Hello Everyone,

This is the first footage of Battlefield 3's next expansion pack, Armored Kill, coming in September. New maps? How about the biggest one in Battlefield history. You wanted snow? Done. Want something else to blow things up with? Here, have an AC130 and Patriot Missile Vehicle.

Only thing left is Dinos and Dragons.

July 12, 2012

Steam Summer Sale Has Officially Started

Hello Everyone,

The Steam Summer Sale has Officially Started. There will be new deals daily until the 22nd. There will be flash sales every eight hours on a game that the community votes on. Current vote is between Batman Arkham City, Saints Row 3, and The Witcher 2. Check out the Steam Store for today's deals, or just read below.

7/12 Deals

Ridge Racer Unbounded - 24.99
Might and Magic Heroes VI - 24.99
Crusader Kings 2 - 9.99
Portal Franchise - 6.24
MW3 - 29.99
Legend of Grimrock - 5.99
Total War Shogun 2 - 7.49
Terraria - 2.49
Indie Bundle 1 (Anomaly: Warzone Earth, Cave Story+, Edge, Lone survivor, The Baconing)
- 9.99

Pack Deals

R* - 49.99
Sega - 49.99
2k - 49.99
Squenix_Eidos - 49.99
THQ - 49.99
Telltale - 51.99
Paradox - 49.99
Valve - 49.99
Cyan - 14.99
Strategy First - 49.99
Bethesda - 49.99
Star Wars - 49.99
id - 49.99
Railworks 3 - 239.92
Ubisoft - 49.99
Activision - 49.99
PopCap - 49.99
Mumbo Jumbo - 34.99

Stay Indoors,

July 10, 2012

PSN Play 2012 Sale

Hello Everyone,

PSN Play 2012 Sale

PSN Play is back, putting four new games on sale with a special refund depending on how many you buy.

July 7, 2012

New Batch of Vita Requests Live

Hello Everyone,

One of 26 new Covers, Backgrounds and Lock Screens

I just uploaded 26 new custom Vita covers, backgrounds, and lock screens! Check them out in their respective sections. If you scroll to the bottom you should find all the new ones.

If you still have a request, comment here or on the page of your desired content and I'll get to it as soon as possible. I try my best to get to all of my requests as soon as possible. I think I finished all of them with this upload, but if I somehow missed yours just let me know!

July 3, 2012

PSOne Support for Vita Coming with Firmware 1.8

Hello Everyone,

psone on vita

PSOne support is coming to the PlayStation Vita this summer with firmware update 1.8. There is not set date, but it is coming. The bad news is that not all PSOne games will work from the get go. Just like minis, support for each game will be rolled out little by little.

I am glad that PSOne games are finally making their way to the Vita. I have a whole collection of games that I have been waiting to play on the Vita. How do you feel about this, great news or a little to late?

July 2, 2012

Sony Acquires Gaikai, For Real This Time

Hello Everyone,

It has been rumored since E3 that Sony would be acquiring cloud gaming company Gaikai. I am pleased to announce that the deal has been finalized; Sony will be purchasing Gaikai for $380 million. No word yet on how, or if, Gaikai will be making its way into the PlayStation family. The full press release is after the break.

Who thinks Microsoft will pick up OnLive next?