May 21, 2012

Ubisoft Leaks Tons of Wii-U Information

Hello Everyone,

False information and a fake leak.
Ubisoft leaks tone of information regarding the upcoming Wii U. Price, specs, a release date and more inside.
  • There will be pre-intstalled software on Wii-U, just like on 3DS
  • Their developers have lots of versions of the console (???)
  • Wii-U's line-up is amazing
  • What happened with the 3DS won't happen again
  • Nintendo asked Ubisoft to release a high number of titles at the launch
  • Ubisoft's line-up is this:RaymanLegends, Assassin's Creed 3, Just Dance 4
  • Killer from outer space will be aviable a few weeks after launch
  • Lots of Tech demos will be sent to Ubisoft, just like Zelda's one of the last E3
  • They showed Ubisoft a lot of new features, some we still have to see
  • Graphic card will be a Radeon HD 6770
  • After Dream he went to eat (???)
  • A lot of Dev-kits were sent to Ubisoft
  • One of them was 4GHz
  • The 6GHz one was from 3 months ago
  • Rayman Legends will come out on Vita as well, just likeRaymanOrigins
  • Xbox 8's graphic card will be more powerful than Wii-U's
  • However, Ubisoft isn't developing on Microsoft's new console yet
  • Ass Creed 3 on Wii-U runs at 60 fps, with 1080p, against 360's and PS3's 720p
  • This developer decided to leak these information on Mario's castle because, by going in a more populated forum, he would have risked too much
  • Wii-U's launch price will 450$
  • After what happened with 3DS' launch, however, Nintendo decided to lower Wii-U's price: the final ne hasn't been confirmed yet, but apparently it will be about 350-400$
  • He doesn't know much about First Party
  • Crytek, EA and Valve are working on Wii-U
  • He doesn't know much about Valve, but he heard that they are making something similar to Steam and Portal's franchise
  • No informations about the online store
  • Ass Creed 3 will be playable both on PS3 and Vita
  • He didn't see much about gamertags
  • There will be achievaments
  • He knows something about 3DS and Wii-U interaction, but he didn't want to say more
  • Wii-U's interface will be the most customizable interface ever made by Nintendo
  • Rayman Origins' demo for 3DS wasn't made by Ubisoft, it was made by another team
  • He decided to leak these informations because he loves Nintendo's new console
  • At E3 we'll see something more impressive than these news
  • Wii U has 2GB of RAM, 560MB of that are for the OS
  • supports DX11, they managed to port Unreal Engine 4 on it
  • less powerful than Xbox 8
  • 2 tablet-pads are supported
  • Release Date: 23 November
  • Ubisoft will bringRaymanLegends, ACIII, Rabbids Party, Killer Freaks, The Avengers and Just Dance 4 on it
  • That little button under the D-Pad on the left of the controller is somehow linked to theWiiVitality Sensor
  • No Analog R2/L2 unlike 360 controller/DualShock3

This is all coming from a translated post from an italian gaming site, so take it with a grain of salt. By the time E3 comes around, I am sure we will know most of this information for sure.

It seems that the above leak was fake and only intended as a joke.

What part of the list jumps out at you the most? 



  1. I also get a little peckish after dreaming too :P

  2. seriously!?:/
    unbelievable! anyone seen the Chinese movie yet? Unbelievable?

    you've got to be kidding me, why do people like you try with these bullcrap?
    if you want to leak something you put in believable information and less details.

    You don't put in 400 words of information and label them as leaked, it's not just believable.

    and was it really appropriate of you to leak all these information? E3 is 2 weeks away man, why ruin things?
    You could have at least leaked few details.

  3. probably fake. You know why?

    1. That GPU costs more than $100.

    2. That GPU has 800 stream processor, so there is no way to make that thing integrated without the cost getting even higher.

    3. PowerPC only goes up to 4GHZ not 6

    4. 1.5GB for games and 500MB for the OS? WTF>?!! What kind of OS the Wii U will have that it needs more than than a freaking Windows Xp for god's sake! 0_O

    1. 1. WRONG This costs YOU as a normal person $100 Nintendo as a company gets a discount then nintendo gets another discount called quantity discount. Then nintendo has less costs because they dont have to pay stuff normal VAT etc. normal people have to pay.
      And the taxes Nintendo has to pay can also be set off against tax liability.

      And of course its a console it does not need a PCB like consumer cards.

      2. It can be altered Its just based on the 6770 This cards "mainboard" will be on the consoles mainboard. Who knows how much they can squeeze into the consoles inside.

      3. time can change hardware so it could be a special power7 cpu clocked higher. There is no problem in like overclocking the thing and telling it that 6ghz is the standard clock and not 4 anymore.
      A friends AMD FX8150 runs at 7ghz per clock (of course its hotter and needs better cooling etc but if someone can make the power7 run at 6ghz with no problem it would be IBM right?)

      4. cant say much here maybe the OS "turns off" before you play games etc. If its full of futuristic effects background videos and skype style chat and whatnot (plus it transfers data to the controller) might consume alot of ram.

      To bad they didnt say what type of RAM it is.

    2. 2. It can be altered Its just based on the 6770 And of course its a console it (the 6770) does not need a PCB like consumer cards. This cards "mainboard" will be on the consoles mainboard


  4. Tone... tone down the speculation... tone up with regular exercise... Buy toner from Office Depot... Tone... Dude! The "s" isn't exactly right next to the "e".

  5. I do believe Nintendo fanboys are setting themselves up for dissappointment this coming generation.

  6. Wii Vitality Sensor... You sir have gone too far.

  7. Too good to be true, except the 450 dollars part.

    Nintendo knows how Sony lost the first place, they won't make the same mistake.

  8. Well I liked the "Ass Creed 3 will be playable both on PS3 and Vita". I hope so...For the Wii, I liked that I will be playing The Legend of Zelda in HD YAY.

  9. already discussed on an Italian gaming site. this post is a fake.

    1. Simply a post of a 15 years old kid .Here his second post with apologies...translated from Italian to English : "Hello everyone, I hope you remember me.
      I wanted to tell you that in truth I'm not what I said that before. I'm not a developer Ubisoft Milan, indeed, not even a developer in truth. I'm just a 15 year old boy who loves playing video games. I wanted to make a joke to users of this forum, but I did not want it all would end this way. I apologize to all, with users, with all the fans who believed in what I wrote, but above all to Ubisoft that I realized that it caused problems. At first I thought to pass for a developer Ubisoft because it was the first name of a company based in Italy, so as to be believed by many people as possible.I regret having done such a thing, so I would like to apologize to all in the hope that you will forgive me for this error and hope that Ubisoft will forgive my bravado and I swear I will not do such a thing."
      The semiofficial specs are still these: IBM Power®-based multi-core microprocessor and GPU AMD Radeon-based High Definition GPU based on RV770 (HD4850 card)

  10. we will see at e3 if this bullshit is true

  11. whats xbox 8????

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