February 15, 2012

First Edition Vita Launches, Video Blog #1

Hello All,

The Playstation Vita First Edition Bundle launches today in the United States. The bundle is priced at $349.99 and includes:
-Playstation Vita 3G/Wifi
-Special Edition Carrying Case
-4GB Memory Card
-Little Deviants PSVita Physical Game
-One free month of AT&T 250mb Data Plan
-Super Stardust Delta (upon renewal of data plan)

I personally will be waiting until the 22nd for when the basic Vita model launches. The 3G connectivity does not appeal to me but does not mean it isn't a worthwhile feature. There will be two tiers of service provided by AT&T: $14.99 for 250mb a month and $30 for 3GB. The 3G network will allow for asynchronous multiplayer games (leader-boards, time trials, turn based games) and use of normal online features such as the web browser, Twitter, and Facebook. Downloads will be capped at 20mb per download. There is no contract required and the service is renewed monthly. It will be interesting to see how the uses of 3G (and possibly 4G in the future) will change handheld gaming.

Those of you planning on purchasing a Vita either this week or next, I highly recommend you pick up your accessories and games sooner rather than later. I went to Gamestop today to pick up a few things and their Vita wall had been picked clean. I questioned the nice woman behind the counter about the bare wall and she said that they had already restocked the wall around lunch time. If you plan on picking up a 32GB or 16GB memory card I, once again, highly recommend calling your local store or ordering one online. It is better to be safe than sorry.

And so we get to my first video blog regarding Playstation Vita accessories. Feel free to watch the video for my opinions on digital vs retail, the memory cards, and protective cases.


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