February 17, 2012

Steam and Vita PSA, Video Blog #2

Hello All,

Small PSA for all you Steam gamers:
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3's online multiplayer will be free to play this weekend only on Steam. For those of you unfamiliar with these promotions, every steam account will have MW3 in their library. Simply install the game and you will be good to go! The multiplayer will be active for 2 days and then deactivate until you either uninstall the game or purchase the game in its entirety. Enjoy your free time in MW3!

Small PSA for those planning on purchasing a Vita:

  • Target will be having a buy 2 get 1 free sale on all Vita games starting the 19th and continuing until the 25th. (I would call your store if you plan on heading out before the Vita launch. It has been reported that some stores are waiting until the 22nd)
  • Free 4GB Memory Card with purchase of a Wifi Vita (while supplies lasts)
  • For $284.99 at Target get a wifi Vita, starter kit bundle, and a $20 gift card

And so we get to my second video blog covering the custom covers I created for the PDP Crystal Custom Case, the free crossplay content for the Vita and PS3, screen protectors, and the aforementioned MW3 free multiplayer weekend. Feel free to watch and like it, subscribe, comment, and come back for more!



  1. The two Target stores near me say they won't have the deal till Wednesday when the Vita comes out :(

    I guess it makes sense not to sell games before the actual system is out, but I was looking foward to buying my games a few days earlier (spending a ton of money in one day depresses me haha).

    Just thought you'd like to know.

    1. Hey Leo,

      It appears Target has changed up their sale for this week. Some stores may be offering the buy 2 get 1 on Vita games before others but the aforementioned bundle of Vita+Starter Kit+$20 Gift Card for $285 was replaced with every Wifi model comes bundled with a 4GB card. Hope you can get the games you wanted Wednesday!


    2. Unfortunately there are no Targets in my area that will be selling BlazBlue during the sale.

      I'm dying to get UMVC3, BlazBlue, and Rayman with this buy 2 get 1 free deal and I've tried everything.

      Some people online said they went to Best Buy and showed them the Target ad and they matched the deal. But I went to my Best Buy and they said they don't match promotions.

      Other people online bought two games from Target, got the third free, then went to Gamestop and exchanged the ones they didn't want out of the three for the ones they wanted. But I went to my Gamestop and they said I'd need a receipt proving I bought them from Gamestop or no exchange was happening.

      People are so lucky to get away with this stuff, why can't I?? haha

      Got any suggestions on how I could get UMVC3/Rayman/BlazBlue 2 for 1??

      I'm desperate!

    3. Hey Leo,
      I am sorry that you are struggling to get the games you wanted for buy 2 get 1. First off I would try calling your local best buy and asking to speak to a manager. You most likely will be able to price match if you talk to a manager instead of a salesperson.

      Toys R Us is also having a spend $50 on vita games get a $20 gift card. You could buy all three games for $100 doing that.

      Finally, I do not recommend doing this as it is dishonest and possibly treading into illegal waters, but Walmart accepts returns without receipts if the item is in their system. You run the risk of attempting to return it and being turned away if the item is not in their system.

      Best of luck to you,

    4. First of all, thank you so much for such quick responses and for actually giving me information that would help me.

      BUT I won't be needing to go all criminal for this one (though God knows I would have if not for what I just discovered hidden on Amazon)



      It isn't listed on the main Vita sales page but "cheapassgamer.com" did some digging and found it!

      Thought maybe you'd like to share this with everyone. Ends 2/25!

    5. Sorry, I don't know how to make it a link so you'll have to copy and paste..

      But if you're adding it for the rest of your viewers I'm sure you know how to link it lol

    6. Hey Leo,

      You're welcome :)

      That is an awesome sale, I love Amazon (Amazon Video Game Forum member Jon)! I'll be posting this on the home page. Further temptation to buy more games.

      Glad you find a legal way to get your games!

    7. http://tiny.cc/rnm11

      Shorter Link

      And thanks again for your help and the great covers/backgrounds.

      This is my attempt at paying you back! haha