February 21, 2012

Twas the Night Before Vita, Special look into Current Project

Hello All,

Just a little something funny to get you through that final night.

If you read it you'll also find out what I am currently working on for release this Thursday.


Twas the Night Before Vita

Twas the night before Vita, when all through the house
My computer was whirring, at the click of my mouse.
My case was laid on my desk, handled with care,
In hopes that my Vita, would soon be there.

Custom covers were printed and snug in their case,
Custom backgrounds downloaded would soon have their place.
Photoshop closed as I cracked my back,
I finally settled for my Pre-Vita nap.

When out from my speakers arose such a clatter,
I lurched forward to see what was the matter.
Wake up Windows, wake up Mac,
We still have work to do, we cannot slack.

The Vita launches tomorrow, so much more to do,
I must continue work on my projects, for all of you.
Youtube is filled with amateur content you see,
and if you couldn't tell that just isn't me!

I have the tools, and the abilities too,
I'll put them to work, you'll see what I can do.
Tomorrow will start my special Vita video content,
I'll heavily rely on my viewers comment.

Now After Affects! Now Photoshop! and all Adobe Suites!
Now Final Cut! Now Motion! Make it complete!
Full 1080p! And graphics galore!
In all hopes that you all come back for more!

You see, I love what I do, and I hope you do too.
I want to provide something unique, something people seek.
I hope you all find a reason to come back,
Because I enjoy doing this, even though it may sound whack.

As I slid my Astros back over my ears with care,
I cracked my knuckles and began the computer stare.
I let out an exhale, I would soon have the beast.
Happy Vita-day to all, besides those in the far east.


Lucky people in Japan having their Vitas since December!

Have fun guys, you deserve it.


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