April 10, 2012

PAX East 2012 Give-Away

Hey Everyone,

As I previously promised, I will be hosting a giveaway of two prize packages from PAX East 2012.

PAX East 2012 Prize Bag
Each Bag is full of Goodies! 
Each bag comes in at an estimated $90 + extras. They contain roughly the same items with a few differences. Both contain games, t-shirts, and other unnamed PAX swag; I want some excitement in what you'll receive! The t-shirts are large, if they do not fit I recommend transforming them into posters!

I am giving my website readers a small lead on the giveaway as I will be posting this content to my youtube channel on Tuesday, April 10th.

Into the rules.
  • Continental US ONLY! (I am sorry but shipping costs would be too much)
  • One entry per email address. (unless otherwise noted)
  • One entry per Twitter Account
  • I will keep all emails and other information private besides the winner's IDs.
  • Contest begins Monday, April 9th and ends Monday, April 23rd. (two weeks)
  • I retain all rights to cancel or withhold winnings. (Just a safety legal notice for me)
  • By submitting to the contest you agree to the above rules.

How to enter.
  • Send an email to giveaway@allthingsgaming.net
    • All you need to do for a simple entry. Every e-mail address counts as one entry.
  • Send a tweet to @JonNohons saying why you love #AllThingsGaming
    • Every Twitter Account acts as one entry.
  • Earn Extra Entries by E-mail:
    • Include your "Online ID" as the content 
      • Your "Online ID" can be anything, just make it unique
    • Gain another entry by referring a friend
      • Have your friend include your online ID along with his in his "Entry".
      • Both you and your friend will receive a second "Entry" into the drawing
      • Limit 5 entries per e-mail/ID
    • Copy Paste this for ease:
      • ID: [Any Personal Unique ID, Gamertag, Username, etc.]
      • Referred by: [Friends Unique ID that he used in his entry]

Ideal Entry-Form
Deciding a winner.
  • Every "Entry" will be compiled into a database and numbered.
    • Every extra "Entry" will appear as a separate number.
  • A random number generator will pick two numbers from the database.
  • I will contact the winners via their e-mail address.
    • If I receive no response in two business days I will pick another number.
    • You must be willing to supply your shipping address, it will be kept private.
  • I will ship the prize packages shortly after.

There you go guys! I am really excited about this give-away as the items are pretty awesome! Be sure to pass it around to your friends to top off at 5 entries!


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