February 23, 2012

ATG Presents: Everything Vita Episode 1: Basic User Interface

Hello All,

The first episode of Everything Vita is live. The video covers how to use Live Area, moving icons, changing backgrounds and lock screens, and multitasking. Let me know what you think of the content in the comment section below or on youtube.

Upcoming Video: Unit 13 Demo


1 comment:

  1. Hey, just thought I'd add something about the multi-tasking.

    If you have a game running, you are able to go to the home screen and pull up as many live areas as you like, but when you choose to actually start certain applications (such as the Internet Browser), a notifications will pop up telling you that the specific game that is running will be closed if you proceed.

    A bit of a bummer, but nothing too horrible.

    PS: This also applies when trying to run more than one game.