February 25, 2012

Crystal Case Review, Everything Vita: Updates and Errors

Hello All,

PDP's Crystal Case Review:
Now that I have my hands on the Playstation Vita I can give a full review of PDP's Crystal Case.

If you've watched my other videos you know that one of the biggest faults of the case is that it will pop open if dropped onto the upper hinge. Many people were scared off from buying the case, and I don't blame them; cases are supposed to protect your expensive pieces of technology. However, with a Playstation Vita inside, the case becomes a solid vault that does not open when force is applied to the hinge. I would say that you have a better chance of dropping the case and breaking it than the case popping open. To hear my full review watch the video below.

  • Customization options
  • Grips memory cards and games tightly
  • Extremely sturdy with Vita inside
  • 2 year warranty
  • Case will pop open without the Vita inside
  • Customization out of box is lacking (but thats why I'm here!)
Overall: 80/100

Everything Vita: Updates and Error Code C2-12383-7:
The video covers how to update and install games on your Playstation Vita and the error code C2-12383-7. As of right now there is no fix for the error code so you will have to be patient for Sony to come out with a fix.


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