February 29, 2012

Update: Vita Error C2-12383-7

Hello All,

I finally got an email from Sony. Took a bit longer than the 7 business days but I have my money back so I am not too upset. Now I just need to try purchasing the game and installing again. I'll let you guys know if I run into the same error again.

Snippet from Email


Many Vita owners have been plagued by the C2-12383-7 error code when attempting to install certain Vita games. I myself have not been able to install Super Stardust Delta. After yesterday's Playstation Network update with no resolution I decided to call customer service to get this resolved. You can find your customer service number in the Playstation Store along the very bottom in the about us tab.

Within a quick 15 minute phone call, with a very nice lady, I learned a few things. First of all, Sony does not even have the error code listed in their system. It seems a little odd that one of the biggest errors preventing hundreds of people from installing their games isn't even listed in their database. Secondly, they're willing to give you a complete refund for your purchase in a matter of minutes. I will be receiving an email within a seven business days with a full refund for the $15 purchase. The woman seemed to believe if I repurchased the items I will be fine.

I'll let you all know if I can install the game next week.



  1. The Vita is actually a really cool system, I might decide to buy it. I haven't bought a portable gaming system in a long time because I never thought they would be worth it but Playstation may have changed my mind

    1. I highly recommend trying it out in a store at least. It amazes me how it really is a console experience you can take anywhere. Even games like Lumines show the true difference between a 99cent app and a full priced game.

  2. I strongly suspect this error is linked to accounts. I've long been unable to install Furmins. Today I got a PSTV with an 8GB memory card. This is a completely pristine system and card. The only thing it has in common with my Vita is the PSN account. Sure enough, Furmins will not install on the PSTV with the exact same error.