June 6, 2012

Beyond: Two Souls Gameplay

Hello Everyone,

Quantic Dream's new IP, Beyond: Two Souls, has been generating a lot of buzz since its announcement at Sony's E3 Press Conference. The Heavy Rain developers promised that the game will mesh video games with an emotional story that brings players through the good and bad of character Jody's life. There is no doubt that the team has created some truly emotional pieces between Heavy Rain and the recent Kara video, so it stands that Beyond will be no different. It is great that they are aiming to create such emotional experiences, but how does the game play? Take a look below.

The game plays almost identically to Heavy Rain. If you were a fan of the quick-time-events of Heavy Rain and the focus on story, Beyond: Two Souls aims to only improve the formula.

What do you think of the gameplay? Excited for the continuation of Heavy Rain like games or do you wish that Quantic Dream would take a new approach?


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