June 1, 2012

A Look at E3 2011: Microsoft

Microsoft E3 2011 Press Conference Summary

Check out the E3 2012 tab for the E3 Hub!

Starting with Modern Warfare 3
Live gameplay of a level in which US (navy seals?) attack and board a submarine. After boarding and completing the mission, they escape by boat and board a plane. Ends with a flyby of New York being attacked.

Laura Croft: Tomb Raider
Live gameplay. Laura's boat crashes onto an island and she awakes being held captive. From there the game takes on survival aspects and many quicktime events as she escapes from a collapsing cavern.

Mass Effect 3
Voice Recognition. Now you can choose the discussion options with just your voice. You can also command your teammates with voice commands including take positions and use certain attacks.

EA Sports
Kinect Support for all EA Sports games

Tom Clancy: Future Soldier
-Imagine the Killzone 2 trailer that follows the bullet.
-Gunsmith: Allows Kinect/Voice complete customization of guns. Example "Optimize for short distance" will customize your gun for close combat.

New Dashboard and Apps

Kinect Support
Gesture/Voice control of all of the usual dashboard items


NOT A WEB BROWSER: Can only search all of the services provided by xbox live. Example: Search Call of Duty to get all of the content with Call of Duty in it.

Live TV
Not a lot of information given, will be supported by verizon.

Imagine the ESPN app but for UFC

^(All previous updates come in this Fall)^


Gears of War 3
Co-op gameplay with CliffyB and Ice-T. The Gear are on a ship on the middle of the ocean. A giant octopus-like-thing is infected with lambent/immulsion and is attacking the ship. Dom hops into a Mech Suit called a Silverback to attack the creature.

A sword/shield/kick gladiator kinect game. Definitely rated M. Takes place in ancient Rome.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
Complete with fully remastered campaign, co-op, and online matchmaking.

Forza 4
Beautiful/Shiny new in game trailer. Compatible with Kinect/Voice control/head tracking. When you look to the left, your screen looks to the left.

Fable: The Journey
Trailer. Same woman Voice Over. This time it follows a dragonfly. A big cloud of black smoke (straight from LOST) chases a carriage.
Gameplay: Kinect compatible. Draw spell lines with your arms and direct them at monsters. First Person.

Minecraft: Kinect
Yes, this is exclusive to Microsoft.

Disneyland Adventures
Kinect title. Explore all of Disneyland including rides(minigames) and your favorite Disney characters. Coming this holiday.

Star Wars: Kinect
Trailer: shows ligthsaber battles, pod races, space battles, and more.
Gameplay: Seems to be an on-rail lightsaber/force game. All player does is swing arms for lightsaber and use hands for force. Player can jump/lean to side to do doge-rolls.

Sesame Street: Once upon a Monster
A chapter book with a bunch of minigames. Looks really cute for kids.

Kinect Fun Labs
Addition to dashboard. Runs content created by PC and developers.
Examples: Create Avatars through kinect photographs. Create 3D pictures using multiple photographs and drawing in 3D using finger tracking. Ability to scan in items, shown live.

Kinect Sports Season 2
Baseball, Skiing, Golf, Darts, Tennis, Football. In-game voice and new kinect gestures.

Dance Central 2
More than 100 Songs and the ability to port in Dance Central songs.
Co-op dancing.

New IP:
or not.. just Halo 4.
Going to be another Trilogy.

That is it for last years E3. What did you all think of the show? What are you expecting from Microsoft this year?

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