June 1, 2012

A Look at E3 2011: Sony

Sony E3 2011 Press Conference Summary

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Jack Tretton Apology:
"My friends who are reporters tell me that there is nothing in the world that makes their editors happy than controversial news... to all our esteemed members of the press, Your welcome"
"... to our third party publishing partners, thank you for your support and offers to get things back up to speed."
"...To our retail partners, thank you for giving us a wonderful shelf life"
"...which brings me to the audience I am most interested in addressing. You are the life blood of the company, without you there is no Playstation. i want to apologize personally and on behalf of the company for any anxiety we may have caused you."
"...The Network is currently at 90% of what it was before the outage, and we will continue to strive to earn that back"


New Media to XMB
Free access to Cinema Now to all Playstation Network members (subscription to Cinema Now required)


Uncharted 3
Live single player gameplay demo: http://www.gametrail...deception/14237
June 28th Open Multiplayer Beta
During October, Subway and Sony are having a promotion to offer the ENTIRE COMPETITIVE ONLINE mode a month early!
Cinematic Trailer: http://www.gametrail...deception/14237

Resistance 3
Live single player gameplay demo: http://www.gametrail...istance-3/12539
Resistance 3 Sharpshooter Bundle (Game, Sharpshooter, Camera, Wand, Navigation Controller) for $150

Remastered in HD and 3D for PS3
God of War: Origin Collection (PSP Games: Chains of Olympus and Ghosts of Sparta)
Ico and Shadow of the Colossus (PS2 Games)

Affordable 3D
Playstation TV
-24in 1080p 3D Display
-Allows for new 3D splitscren: each player sees their own screen on the entire TV when using 3D glasses
-$499.99 bundled with TV, one pair of glasses, Resistance 3, 6ft. HDMI cable
Active 3D Glasses

Playstation Move
NBA on the Move: NBA 2K12 that allows the player to point towards the target player to pass and shoot

Medieval Moves: Deadman's Quest: Fantasy Action Adventure game using complete motion controls. Sword fighting, archery, projectiles and other motion mechanics.
-Live Gameplay Demo: http://www.gametrail...al-moves/714992
-Available Fall 2011

Infamous 2
This Fall users can create online missions using Playstation Move
Gameplay Trailer: http://www.gametrail...famous-2/714982

Little Big Planet 2
Much deeper Playstation Move compatibility to create and play games

Trailer: http://www.gametrail...starhawk/714994

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
Debut Trailer: http://www.gametrail...y-cooper/714990
(Not shown during press conference but for a reveal you need some gameplay!: http://www.gametrail...-cooper/715267)

Dust 514
Playstation Exclusive
Dust 514 is a console shooter that is directly connected to EVE online
Supports Playstation Move
Dedicated Home Space
Will have content on the Vita (NGP)
Closed beta by the end of the year
Release Spring 2012
Trailer: http://www.gametrail...dust-514/715008

Bioshock Infinite (and more?)
Supports Playstation Move
Bioshock Infinite comes with an exclusive copy of the original Bioshock
Gamplay trailer: http://www.gametrail...infinite/714966
Bioshock in some form will be coming to the Vita (NGP)

Exclusive Content for Playstation from Multi-platform Games
Bioshock Infinite comes with a copy of the original Bioshock on the same BDD
Saints Row the Third will include an exclusive game mode
Star Trek is compatible with Playstation Move AND there will be a Phaser peripheral. There will also be a digital download prequel exclusive to PSN
-Debut Trailer: http://www.gametrail...tar-trek/714988
SSX: Exclusive Mount Fuji level with 10 unique drop points
Need for Speed the Run: An exclusive BDD with 7 additional super-cars
Battlefield 3: Contains a free copy of Battlefield 1942 on the same BDD

Playstation Suite
Playstation content on certified Android phones and tablets to introduce them to Playstation content

Vita (NGP)

Two Models:
Wifi only: $249.99
Wifi and 3G provided by ATT: $299.99

More than 80 Titles in Development

The Playstation Vita
Dual touch OLED screen
Trackpad on back of handheld
Two analog sticks
Front and Rear Cameras
L, R
Start, Select, PS Button
Front Picture: http://cdn.hypebeast...tation-vita.jpg
Rear Picture: http://farm3.static....ae1f8271c_z.jpg
Playstation Party: Cross-Game voice chat
Near: Connect and play with others around you. Share trophies and interact in other social ways.

The Games
Uncharted: Golden Abyss
Live Gameplay (footage is missing so here is another video showing almost the same footage): http://www.gametrail...d-golden/714569

Action based role-playing game with destructible environments.
Other real players can become your rival.
Allows for the same game save to be played on the Vita and the Playstation 3 via Cloud saves
Live Gameplay: http://www.gametrail...011-ruin/715004

Modnation Racers
Not a port but an actual game created ground up for the Vita
Complete track creation
Allows for all of the tracks created by PS3 users to played on the Vita
Live Gameplay Demo: http://www.gametrail...n-racers/715000

Wipeout 2048
Crossplay: Allows for 24 players to play against each other online on either the PS3 or the Vita

Little Big Planet
Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixAyLhD5s0U&feature=player_embedded

Street Figher X Tekken
Live Gameplay Demo: http://www.gametrail...-fighter/715016

That is it for last years E3. What did you all think of the show? What are you expecting from Sony this year?

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