April 23, 2012

What We're Playing: Intro

Hello Everyone,

I figure its about time I brought something new to ATG and I hope to get you all involved. We are all here because we love video games and I figure, who is better to discuss what we're playing, what to check out, and what to avoid than our fellow gamers? That is why every week we will be putting out a new post called "What We're Playing".

What We're Playing
Section of the Collection

Essentially, every week we will discuss what we played and what we are looking to play throughout the week along with our basic impressions. Feel free to sound off in the comment sections to let us know what you are playing, if you like the game, and what you want us to check out! Often, great games slip under the radar and Mike and I can only talk about so many games every week; feel free to let us and other readers know what an honest gamer thinks of his games. Every week I will choose some reader comments from the previous week to be featured in the current weeks article. Please be respectful of other people's opinions.


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