May 18, 2012

Download Two Free Modern Warfare 3 Maps Today

Hello Everyone,

Call of Duty MW3 Desktop Wallpaper
Two new maps are available today for Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 3 players.
The two new maps, Erosion and Aground, and are only available in the new Face Off mode. Face Off pins two teams of one, two, or three against each other in the smallest maps yet. The maps are specifically designed for tight combat to keep things fresh.

Erosion takes place in a mountaintop set of Roman ruins. The map has a nice sense of verticality as players can move along the irrigation system, along the ground level, or among the few towers that overlook the entire level. Aground is a shipwreck on the Irish coast. The entire map is extremely open and unlike any other in MW3. The two edges of the map provide the only solid cover, perfect for snipers.

The two maps are just a sample of the Face Off mode. The other maps will be available to download in the next content drop. As for now, I can not recommend the new mode for everyone. Face Off will generally not be a mode to play with randoms. The small sets of players will often lead to very slow rounds with plenty of camping. However, if you have at least one friend, it can be a very rewarding mode to face off in (pun intended) as the maps are designed for the small scale battles.

These two maps are free, so head into the Xbox Live Marketplace to download them today.



  1. Irish Coast? The map is on the Orkney Islands. That's at the North of Scotland, the Scottish coast, not the Irish coast.... I should know, I'm from Orkney :)

    1. I was just going by the description of the map given in the game.

  2. Hi Jon,
    Where are the download links...?

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