May 17, 2012

Last of Us Release Date, DUST 514 Beta, Collector Editions

Hello Everyone,

The Last of Us: Fall 2012

Following the release of The Last of Us' latest trailer, which can be seen below, the previously unknown release date has quietly slipped onto the web in an interview with Destructoid. I am pleased to announce that The Last of Us will be making its way to a Playstation 3 near you this fall!

DUST 514 Closed Beta Registration

DUST 514 is CCP's, best known for EVE Online, PS3-exclusive free to play persistant shooter. The game focuses on a mix of infantry and vehicle combat. The most promising aspect of DUST 514 is that the game will be directly connected to EVE. Player's actions in both games will directly influence the other game. The game has a lot of potential, especially being a free to play. If you have any interest in DUST 514 stay tuned for more information or sign up for the closed beta below.

Those of you interested in DUST 514 can sign up for the closed beta here.

New Collector Editions

Three new Collector Editions are available for order right now. My favorite one has to be the limited edition Borderlands as it comes with a replica gun chest. Check out the pictures of the new sets below, clicking the picture will bring you to the product page.

Borderlands 2 Ultimate: $149.99

borderlands 2 Ultimate

Borderlands 2: $99.99 (no product page as of now)

Darksiders 2: $99.99

Halo 4: $99.99

Will you be picking up any of the above Collectors Editions? Will I be seeing you in the DUST 514 Beta? Let us know down below!


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