May 25, 2012

Something Big In Streaming Coming To Consoles

Hello Everyone,

Is Sony planning on partnering with the cloud-gaming service Gaikai?

E3 rumors have been circling like wildfire over the past few days. A combination of two, one coming from VG247 and the other an E3 invitation to french gaming site gameblog, have caught my attention.

VG247 reports on what to expect from E3,
You may well be blown away by what’s on show, but it’s doubtful you’re going to be too shocked by any of the announcements. Apart from the partnership deal between PlayStation and a leading cloud gaming service, obviously.
Unfortunately, the above quote is just an average rumor. The writer comments about other companies E3 conferences vaguely and only mentions by name the big games that will obviously be making an appearance. At first, I blew the speculation off as wishful thinking until I came across an article gameblog posted regarding their E3 invitation from Gaikai.
Gaikai has major announcements in store for E3, which have the potential to change the future of video games, game consoles and how we play.
The Gaikai invitation was posted after VG247 made the prediction of a Sony and cloud-gaming partnership.

Now, it is no secret that companies want to build as much hype as possible moving into E3. Gaikai may very well be announcing partnerships to bring a majority of retail games to their service or perhaps a way to play the E3 demos on their platform. While unlikely in comparison to the latter, the possibility still stands that Gaikai was referencing a partnership with Sony to bring either Sony games to the cloud or to bring the cloud to Sony's console. I know I would be very interested in playing Hawken on my PS3 and Vita.

If this partnership was to become a reality, I doubt it would be long before Microsoft partnered with OnLive to bring a similar service to their platform.

E3 is only a few weeks away, it wont be long until our questions are answered. Would you be interested in partnerships between consoles and cloud-gaming?


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